Gay groups have called for tougher anti-homophobia laws in the wake of an incident which saw a gay teenage girl left unconscious after she was pelted with stones after leaving school in Spain's Murcia region on Monday.

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The teens, a boy and a girl, were attacked by three schoolmates who followed them out of the school grounds in the Murcian town of Caravaca de la Cruz.

The three yelled “Poofter!” and “Dyke!” and “Perverts” as they followed the teens, Rubén López, a spokesperson with Spain’s FELGTB gay rights group said, describing the attack.

The gay teens put up with the insults for a while “thinking they were going to stop”, López said. Eventually though, the young boy turned to the aggressors and told them to leave him and his friend “in peace”.

It was then that the three school students began to pelt the homosexual pair with stones.


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