Back To Norwegian Emma (15) is young woman trapped in a boy’s body

Back in 2014, Norwegian TV2 aired a series called "Født i feil kropp" that translate to "Born in the wrong body" and 2 years has gone since then and now in Season 2 they are going back to see how the participants are doing now.

Født i feil kropp
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In this season, we meet 12 young, reflected and great people aged 9 to 26 years. It will be a joyous reunion with participants from the first season and exciting encounters with new people.

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Viewers will be able to follow them through their individual processes, challenges and joys on to live fully as they are.

“Født i feil kropp” // “Born in the wrong body” (Season 1 – 2014)

In season 2, we are meeting Emma again, now 15 years old and we can see that she is a normal girl like any other girl at that age. It’s so good to see that Emma has very good confidence and that is the result of supporting parents. I wish all LGBTQ kids had that kind of support from their parents.

Below, you can see Emma Ellingsen (sadly only in Norwegian), but she has become a very well known YouTuber in Norway. Emma is true role-model for other transgender kids in Norway and all around the world.

In Norway, TV2 Norway will start airing season 2 of Født i Feil Kropp on 15 February kl 21.40.

Photo By TV2 Norway

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