As Russia fights to take Kyiv, LGBTQ Ukrainians fear Putin has included them as targets on his «kill list». But instead of running, they’re working to keep his military forces out.


For years, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in Ukraine have fought to be recognised as equal members of society, reports.

But now, as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion imperils Ukraine’s very existence—and amid fears that LGBTQ activists are on a Russian kill list the U.S. intelligence community exposed in recent days—international organisations are working to protect LGBTQ Ukrainians who are working to save a country that has not yet accepted them as full citizens.

«The main fear at this moment is that if they will be successful, that we lose everything that we have», said Jul Sirous, the volunteer coordinator of KyivPride to, which organises Ukraine’s annual Equality March and works to expand LGBTQ equality in the country, often at great personal risk to its members. «Unfortunately, if this city will be occupied like other cities, then there will be some persecution against LGBTQ people».

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