After his release of his tune Hollywood, he is now back again with a new tune called Shangri La.
Irish Eurovision star has released a new original song and music video - called Don't Take Me For Granted .
I Don’t Really Dance is the second single from Norwegian Eric Odeen.
Naked Highway’s latest summertime offering ‘Pyro’ is a return to form for the group - an upbeat, almost humorous take on the traditional pop breakup song, complete with funky slap bass over electronic beats & strong vocal harmonies.
Swedish boyband FO&O are back with a new music video for their song Hurt Like We Did from their international debut self titled album that was released earlier this summer.
Arne Åsmund are often described as singer that sings pleasant folk songs about confused love, violence and killing.
The Main Level are pop boyband from the Norwegian city, that are surrounded by mountains and fjords, including Sognefjord, Bergen.
Inspired by the likes of John Mayer, Ed Sheeran and Gavin Degraw 20 year old Frederik Leopold throws himself into the music business with his debut single “The Payback Song”!
Now, prepare to be shocked as he unveils a steamy, new video for his second single Magic and a striking, new look.
Eli has made a lot of life changes - You can hear about them in his new single, 'Hollywood'.
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