Hungary’s draft constitution: A worrying signal for the EU Presidency

Hungary’s new constitution could restrict the national definition of family to fertile, heterosexual couples; deny protection from discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity; and prevent access to abortion, it emerged yesterday. Hungary currently holds the Presidency of the European Union until June 2011.
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Turkey and Montenegro: LGBT rights part of EU accession conditions

March 9, 2011, the European Parliament adopted two resolutions on Turkey and Montenegro’s progress towards joining the European Union. The Parliament said that more steps are required to bring the two countries in line with EU standards in the field of non‑discrimination.

European Parliament urges Lithuania to reject proposed homophobic law

Today, the European Parliament adopted a resolution urging Lithuanian Parliament to reject proposed amendments to the country’s Code of Administrative Offences introducing an offence of ‘promotion of homosexual relations’ punishable with a fine of €580 to €2,900.

ILGA-Europe’s welcomes the prominence of LGBT human rights issues in the European Commission’s progress...

On 9 November, 2010 the Commission issued its 2010 Progress Reports on Croatia, Iceland, the FYR of Macedonia, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Kosovo*. The progress reports on Albania and Montenegro are replaced this year by the Commission’s Opinions on the readiness of the two countries to start accession negotiations. The documents highlight the progress made by accession and pre-accession countries towards the EU integration.

ILGA-Europe publishes a manual “Make It Work: Six steps to effective LGBT human rights...

Producing such a manual is part of ILGA-Europe’s work on strengthening and improving the capacity of LGBT organisations across Europe. The need for such a tool was identified some time ago within the framework of our PRECIS project.

The first international treaty banning sexual orientation discrimination comes into force today – the...

Today the European Union’s Treaty of Lisbon is coming into force. The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights which constitutes an integral part of the Treaty of Lisbon is the first and the only international document containing provision that discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation is prohibited.

Equal rights for LGBT people in the EU: The European Parliament takes one further...

The European Parliament last week adopted a resolution on the Multi-annual programme 2010-2014 regarding the area of freedom, security and justice, known as the Stockholm programme. By adopting this text, the European Parliament is calling on Member States "without prejudice to national legislation on family law, to ensure freedom of movement for EU citizens and their families, including both registered partnerships and marriages" in accordance with EU legislation, and "to avoid all kinds of discrimination on any ground, including sexual orientation" (paragraph 31).
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LGBT rights need to be respected – the European Commission tells the potential EU...

On 14 October 2009, the European Commission published its 2009 Progress Reports on the countries which applied for the EU membership – Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo.
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Lithuanian says no to human rights and passes homophobic law

The Lithuanian parliament voted on Tuesday to adopt a controversial law that institutionalises homophobia.
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Polish gay community demands more rights

Members of Poland’s gay community have held a march calling for more freedom and equal rights.
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Finnish MPs back citizens’ initiative to grant maternity rights to female same-sex couples

MPs on Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee voted overwhelmingly to back a citizens’ initiative calling for female same-sex couples to be given maternity rights for children born into the union.
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Tyler Ray Jacobson – Dancing On My Own

Tyler Ray Jacobson has taken Swedish singer Robyn hit song , Dancing On My Own, and he created a beautiful version of it.
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