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Sweden : People with HIV suffer when knowledge is not used

People living with HIV are treated differently in health care shows a mapping of HIV-Sverige, RFSL and RFSU.

Children of non-Western immigrants are more negative towards gays than other youths

But significantly children of non-Western immigrants are more positive towards gays than their parents.

Asylum seeker want to prove that he is gay, Norway wants to throw him...

Ugandan asylum seeker attempting to prove that he is gay, but the Norwegian police wants to send him back to Uganda before the verdict in the court case has been served.
Født i feil kropp

Back To Norwegian Emma (15) is young woman trapped in a boy’s body

Back in 2014, Norwegian TV2 aired a series called "Født i feil kropp" that translate to "Born in the wrong body" and 2 years has gone since then and now in Season 2 they are going back to see how the participants are doing now.

Norwegian Labour Party Considering Third-Gender

Norwegian Labour Party (Arbeiderpartiet) program committee are considering introducing a third gender.

Gays Can Now Marry In Norwegian Church

Monday the Norwegian Church adopted a new liturgy. With new liturgy, gays and lesbians finally get married in the church in Norway.

Sweden announces it will stop classifying transgender people as ‘mentally ill’

Transgender people will no longer be labeled as ‘mentally ill’ in Sweden, in a move campaigners said was ‘long overdue’.

Sold as a slave & his boyfriend were murdered – Sweden deports him

Homosexual Franco Kaodimu managed to escape and flee to Sweden from slavery and death threats.
Testicular Cancer Awareness Ribbon

How To You Check Your Balls – It Can Save Your Life

Norwegian NRK has done it again and this time they encourage boys and men in all ages to check their balls since testicular cancer is the most common cancer among young men.
Jon Reidar Øyan

The Important Coming Out Letter – Goes Viral After 17 Years

This Christmas Jon Reidar Øyan, a Norwegian LGBTQ activist and politician, shared his 17 year old coming out letter to his parents and it went viral in Norway.

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Japan’s Missed Opportunity to Support LGBT Children

The Japanese government has missed an opportunity to introduce information about sexual and gender minorities to classrooms during a once-in-a-decade review of its national educational curriculum.
Daniel Mauricio

Daniel Mauricio – Mayflies

Daniel Mauricio, a Swedish musical theatre artist that has been seen in productions all over the world like ”The Lion King” in London & ”Chicago” in Copenhagen.

North East prom for LGBT youth

Young People from the North East LGBT community are being invited to the biggest party of the year, as a prom night created especially for them returns.
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