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Denmark : Charges Imam for Comparing Gays to Pedophiles

Danish prosecutors have charged a 49-year-old imam for making public remarks against gays, whom he compared to pedophiles.
Gay Flag 2016

Far-right-extremist group tried to stop Stockholm Pride parade

About 15 far-right-extremists stormed this afternoon the pride parade that went through city centre of Stockholm, Sweden.
Thomas Sekelius - One More in the Crowd

Thomas Sekelius – One More in the Crowd

It's pride in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, this week and as usually they have their own pride tune and this year it's out and proud Thomas Sekelius that has got the honours.

Family wanted refund on a package tour because it was too many gays at...

A Norwegian family recently complained to The Travel Complaint Handling Body in Norway, after arriving at a hotel in Gran Canaria in their opinion, was a hotel for gays.
Border Control

Male (22) forced to get undressed in customs – picked up by same male...

One of the men, online news site, DinAvis.no has talked to, claims that the same customs officer who body-searched him naked had tried to pick him up at a gay venue soon after the incident.
Neisseria Gonorrhoea Bacteria

Fearing 40% hike in the spread of gonorrheas among gay and straight teenagers

We have had cases all the way down to the age of 14, "says Øivind Nilsen at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (Folkehelseinstituttet). The gonorrheas disease increases dramatically in Norway.

Being Gay in Northern Ireland – Josh Left NI Because Of Homophobia

"He spat in my face” - Homophobia drove Josh out of Northern Ireland three years ago. He's gone back to see if things have changed.

The Nordic resistance movement want to «Crush the gay lobby» reported to Norwegian police

The Nordic resistance movement (DNM) is the right-wing group that plans to demonstration under the parole «Crush the gay lobby»/«Knus homolobbyen» in Fredrikstad on July 29th.
Oslo Pride 2017 - Photo by Christer Nexmark / Oslo Pride

Oslo Pride Parade With Record Numbers : Over 40,000 participants

This year's Pride Parade has beaten all previous records, with over 40,000 participants, 129 entries and 250,000 spectators along the parade.
Emma Ellingsen

Yes, I’m transgender says Norwegian Emma (15)

In Norway Emma Ellingsen (15) are known from the TV2 Norway series called "Født i feil kropp" that translate to "Born in the wrong body" and now she has published her first English Youtube video in English.
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Carl Hoefkens

Gay footballers were my team-mates, says Carl Hoefkens

Former Stoke and West Brom defender Carl Hoefkens bemoans 'taboo' of homosexuality in football.
Even Lovers Get The Blues

Sex, death…and Grindr

Even Lovers Get The Blues - Coming To DVD And VOD November 6.
Some people should never have been born

Donald Trump In A Birth Control Ad For Condoms…

The master piece are made by Brazilian company with the name Platinum FMD that has clearly very talented staff.
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