Judy Shepard Responds to Rep. Foxx

Judy Shepard appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC on Thursday night to discuss prospects for the passage of federal hates-crime legislation, and to address Rep. Virginia Foxx's comment that the idea that Matthew Shepard's murder was a hate crime is "a hoax."

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Maddow asked Judy Shepard how she felt about that remark.

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“Attacks of lesser consequence have been said about Matt since the beginning,” said Shepard, noting the vitriolic debate that surrounded the hate-crimes legislation in 2007. “I did not expect it to ever be called a hoax.”

Foxx later clarified her comments, saying that the use of “hoax” was a poor word choice, and that the death of 21-year-old Matthew was a tragedy.

Judy Shepard, the executive director of the Matthew Shepard Foundation, declined to accept Foxx’s attempt at an apology, The Advocate reports.

Read the whole story at The Advocate.

The Matthew Shepard Foundation

Hate crime bill known as Matthew Shepard Act –  passes the House in a 249 to 175 victory for equality.  The next step is the Senate. Contact your Senators and let them know where you stand.

Please consider a donation to The Matthew Shepard Foundation.

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