Michael Jackson was gay claims Daily Mail

It is clear to me that Michael was homosexual and that his taste was for young men, albeit not as young as Jordan Chandler or Gavin Arvizo.

Michael Jackson
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In the course of my investigations, I spoke to two of his gay lovers, one a Hollywood waiter, the other an aspiring actor. The waiter had remained friends, perhaps more, with the singer until his death last week. He had served Jackson at a restaurant, Jackson made his interest plain and the two slept together the following night. According to the waiter, Jackson fell in love according to Daily Mail.

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The actor, who has been given solid but uninspiring film parts, saw Jackson in the middle of 2007. He told me they had spent nearly every night together during their affair – an easy claim to make, you might think. But this lover produced corroboration in the form of photographs of the two of them together, and a witness.

Other witnesses speak of strings of young men visiting his house at all hours, even in the period of his decline. Some stayed overnight.

When Jackson lived in Las Vegas, one of his closest aides told how he would sneak off to a ‘grungy, rat-infested’ motel – often dressed as a woman to disguise his identity – to meet a male construction worker he had fallen in love with.

“I had started my investigation convinced that Jackson was guilty as charge in the Gavin Arvizo case. By the end, I no longer believed that”, according to Daily Mail writer Ian Halperin.

Bashir could not find a single shred of evidence suggesting that Jackson had molested a child. But I found significant evidence demonstrating that most, if not all, of his accusers lacked credibility and were motivated primarily by money.

MySoCalledGayLife.com :  Conclution – Michael Jackson has never molested any child, it was all about money! Shame on them ! RIP Michael!

Updated : July 13 2009 – Mixed name Martin Bashir and Ian Halperin. It’s now corrected.

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