Gay Censorship of Right-wing GOP Support for Gays….

The other day I posted an op-ed regarding how younger GOP operatives must go mum on their support for gay rights when they agree to work for older, prominent GOP candidates for high-profile offices. It's called the "generational change" in the conservative Republican Party, where younger right-wingers support gay rights, but their boss does not.

Matthew Chen
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Some call it self-imposed censorship on the part of the youthful GOP activist leaders in order to get a job in a presidential or senatorial campaign.

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But the question I ask today is whether or not gay activists and journalists practice similar censorship when it comes to GOP support for Gay causes? The evidence seems to reveal overwhelming censorship by the gay press. Consider this:

– Governor Ronald Reagan of California came OUT against a 1974 statewide proposition that would have outlawed the hiring of known homosexuals as public school teachers. The Proposition failed with the Gipper’s support of dignity for gays.

– Arch-conservative, anti-communist, publisher and PBS commentator, William F. Buckley, also stood by Reagan in opposing systematic discrimination of homosexuals in the public schools.

– President Gerald Ford admitted in 1976 that his youngest son was gay and said that gays must be included in the GOP.

– Bush the First’s Secretary of Defense, Richard Cheney, refused to fire his “outed” press secretary, when New York City-based gay publications exposed his homosexuality to embarrass Cheney during the US response to Saddam Hussein’s takeover of Kuwait, 1991. Moreover, Cheney would later publicly defend his “outed”lesbian daughter!

– Right-wing GOP Congressman, Sonny Bono, to the media, said he loved his lesbian daughter, Chasity, and escorted her all over Capitol Hill to meet every Congressman the day he was sworn into the historical 1994 Newt Gingrich Congress. He told his colleagues, “Chasity is working on the Gay-Lesbian agenda”.

– US Speaker of the House and right-wing firebrand, Newt Gingrich, appointed a known gay, HIV +, “partnered” GOP Congressman, Steve Gunderman, WI-(R), as Chair of the House Education Committee.

– Rush Limbaugh, the anointed Reagan successor as the “King” of conservative talk-radio, told his listeners that “gayness was genetically-based and that he supported same-sex civil unions”.

– Karl Rove, “the Architect” of the George W. Bush Presidency said, in 2003, that he supported legislation to guarantee hospital visitor rights for same-sex couples.

– Barbara and Jennfier Bush, twin daughters of Bush the Second, along with the former First lady, Laura Bush, have either attended gay weddings or said they support gay marriage.

– Mary Cheney, lesbian daughter of the reviled Dick Cheney, was televised attending the Bush 2004 re-election celebration with her same-sex partner, and she received an unhesitant, standing ovation from the right-wing crowd when the two appeared on stage. More recently, former First Lady, Barbara Bush, has thrown her support for gay marriages.

– Ted Olsen, a movement-oriented conservative, is the lead lawyer in overturning California’s Proposition 8, which out-lawed same-sex marriage, before the Golden State’s Supreme Court, 2010. He is the same lawyer who won the Bush v. Gore decision before the US Supreme Court that decided the 2000 election

Why are these facts and events omitted from Gay publications, so-called “Stonewall Libraies” and liberal newspapers like the New York Times or Washington Post? Why the conspicuous censorship? Why is the gay Human Rights Committee, the premier gay rights organization in the US, so limp in highlighting these realities?

Do they need mental Viagra to “STAND UP” and tell the truth?

If these events and these personalities are ever mentoned in gay publications, as they sometime are, gay editors remove any attribution that support of gay causes are driven sometimes by “Republicans” or “conservatives”. For there never is an (R) after those Republican names who do support gays. Why not?

Because, such deceitful tactics embellish their false, lucrative narrative that all Republicans, Christians and conservatives hate Gays. No wonder we have produced a generation of psychotic gay men in the modern political arena.

Simply because, the abundance of these events do not neatly fit into the polarizing, victim-oriented, homophobic-peddling agenda of the Gay Left. Polarization, enhanced by censorship of the truth, creates a wonderfully fertile groundwork for a multi-million dollar fund-raising industry of Gay dollars.

So cynical…so deceitful…bordering on the psychotic. Where are the intelligent, wakeful NON-CLONE GAYS?

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