GOProud Praises Ambassador John Bolton for Iowa Speech

Today, in Des Moines, former U.N. Ambassador and potential 2012 Presidential candidate John Bolton delivered a powerful speech at the Conservative Principles Conference. In his speech, the straight-talking conservative spoke eloquently about the need for the Republican Party to emphasise a strong and confident American foreign policy.

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In response, Jimmy LaSalvia, Executive Director of GOProud, the only U.S national organisation representing gay conservatives and their allies, issued the following statement:

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“No matter what the politicians might say, the simple truth is that the greatest threat to religious freedom isn’t gay marriage or Janet Jackson’s nipple – it’s the spread of radical Islam and the proliferation of brutal dictatorial regimes. We praise Ambassador Bolton for having the courage and the vision to speak out so eloquently in defence of a strong American foreign policy that will defend America’s interests and our values.

“Radical jihadist Islam is a barbaric ideology that fails to recognise the basic human rights of women, gays and religious minorities. Its spread represents an existential threat to Western civilisation and we must be willing to confront it across the globe.

“The global war on terror is not over and we need leadership in the conservative movement that understands that basic fact – it is clear that Ambassador Bolton is a conservative leader who gets it.

“Now is not the time for more double talk from opportunistic politicians who would allow our foreign policy to be dictated by opinion polls. We need straight-talking conservatives like Ambassador Bolton who will stand strong in defence of America and our values. We urge all of the candidates considering a run for the Republican Party’s nomination in 2012 to continue the Reagan tradition of making a strong, confident foreign policy a key piece of the GOP’s platform.”

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