Gay Men Should Control Their Own Speech Before Trying to Control Kolbe Bryant’s

You have probably heard about Kolbe Bryant, the great professional basket player of the Los Angeles Lakers, who supposedly uttered a horrifying "gay slur" at a referee. Mr. Bryant was fined $100,000 by the National Basketball Association for hate speech and being insensitive to gays.

Matthew Chen
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Moreover, Mr. Bryant was required to get on the phone with a Human Rights Committee official and state on bended knee that he is sorry for offending Gay America.

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If you don’t already know, in the middle of a critical game, when Bryant was called for a disputed foul, he called a referee a “f*cking faggot”. Supposedly, much of gay male America broke down in tears and felt that their self-esteem was battered beyond repair by Bryant’s outburst. After all, gay men are very, very fragile and bruise easily.

Yet, anybody with a modicum of intellectual honesty knows that Gay male culture and chatter is often saturated with gay slurs, and not always in the affectionate context. Following the Kolbe Bryant precedent, maybe all gay men who are heard calling another gay man a “faggot” or “bitch” or “Miss. Thing” in a bar or restaurant can pay a $500 fine in hopes of outlawing such slurs that flourish rabidly among many, many gay men.

Often, it is a little hard not to be in a gay male gathering without hearing such slurs that Gays use about each others’ effeminacy and sexual behavior. Frankly, these slurs become rather condescending and border on vicious; and if you have not been subjected to such abasement, you are enormously lucky.

My point is that straight society has graduated to the point where they rarely talk this way about gays. To trash a gay man with ugly slurs about their sexual orientation or their conspicuously effeminate behavior is just not acceptable in our society these days. Even Americans who disagree with the gay lifestyle, which incidentally has led the nation in HIV infection ever since the discovery of the virus, know to keep their thoughts to themselves.

But in our politically correct and often highly hypocritical world, gay men,
themselves, are allowed to be as nasty and cruel toward one another, viciously gossiping and back-stabbing each other with hyper-effeminate two-faced contempt. Yet, straight people are so quickly and routinely vilified as being full of homophobic hate. The “Left-wing thought-police” are so aggressive that when a prominent athlete yells at a referee over a disputed call, he must grovel on the floor before the Washington, DC gay elite.

For sure, Mr. Bryant’s outburst in the heat of the NBA playoffs was never meant directly to attack gay men or to encourage homophobia. He is an All-American nice guy. The outrage against him by the Gay political class was transparently contrived. Gentleman that he normally is, Bryant even did a public service announcement to denounce name-calling.

Nonetheless, it was hypocritical of a Gay organization to extract this apology from Kolbe since most Gay newspapers include the very language that they are wont to condemn. That’s right! Gay male publications often publish such slurs as “faggot”, “sissies”, “bitch” and even flaunt their misogyny…but that’s fodder for another, later discussion. All this comes from writers who routinely condemn hate. What a double-life.

Gay men would do far better for themselves by looking in the mirror and listening to the comments they make about themselves in the gay ghetto echo chamber of self-loathing…and stop trying to control other people’s speech when you can’t control your own.

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