Eating Out Banquet Box comes to DVD on June 25!

Five landmark films, one mouth-watering package – the Eating Out Banquet box comes to DVD on June 25! Join the fabulously hot cast as they lead the audience through five hilarious misadventures laden with mistaken identities, sexual shenanigans and, of course, gratuitous nudity!

Eating Out Banquet Box
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Whether it’s the setting up of seemingly incompatible gay friends, trying to turn straight men gay or extricating hot guys from the ex-gay movement, each Eating Out chapter is packed to the brim with laugh-out loud moments and sexy set-ups.

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Containing the entire ground-breaking series, the Eating Out Banquet box helps set the benchmark for modern gay screwball comedy and is an essential set in any self-respecting homo’s collection.

Pre-order Eating Out Banquet Box [DVD]

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