If Justin Bieber says it’s a lie… is it still a lie ?

Swedish Police found drugs in Justin Bieber's tour bus, but Justin Bieber and his manager Scooter Braun calls it a lie. But who is lying ?

Justin Bieber - Boyfriend
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The fact is that In the bust Swedish police confiscated a small amount of alleged narcotics believed to be marijuana. Police also confiscated an electroshock weapon, a stun gun, that wasn’t licensed.

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So when the Swedish police busted the tour bus, the crew went hysterical, why would Justin Bieber and his crew go hysterical if they don’t have something to hide ?

Does Justin Bieber and his crew think they are above Swedish law when they are guests in Sweden ?

Why the hurry to leave Sweden Justin Bieber ?

It’s more likely this time it’s Justin Bieber and his crew is lying or trying to cover up the scandal, because the fact is the police found drugs and electroshock weapon, a stun gun, that wasn’t licensed.

It’s seems that Justin Biebers glory days with no black spots as role model is over and I will say it’s bad judgment by a so called role model that he hasn’t a problem that his crew is doing drugs while they are employed by him.

Justin Bieber fans is mainly young girls and boys and what kind of message do he send out, that is OK with drugs? Is that message approved by the record label ? I don’t think so!

It’s time to grow up Justin Bieber and face the scandal as a man and tell us what you think of drugs and tell the truth – it’s not enough tweeting that the scandal is lie ! Because that would be lying to your self!

Swedish police found drugs in Justin Bieber’s tour bus

Justin Bieber-source: ”It all went hysterical”

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