The Underwear Expert Trend Report: Athletic Inspired Men’s Underwear

Athletic inspired underwear a homerun for the men's underwear industry.

The Underwear Expert
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This spring season, athletic designs began to influence the men’s underwear category. Athletic apparel screams masculinity, athletic prowess and physicality; infusing that appeal into men’s underwear styles has produced tons of slam dunk underwear options.

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“We saw a boom in athletic inspired underwear designs and styles this spring,” Founder and Editor in Chief of The Underwear Expert, Michael Kleinmann explains. “From 2xist to Timoteo, brands across the board have been releasing athletic inspired men’s underwear and the results couldn’t be better.”

Brands are utilizing color blocking and stripes as well actual athletic elements in their releases like lace-up fronts, spandex and mesh fabrications and collegiate colors in their releases. The designs are heavy in varsity, primary colors like blue and red, too; athletic greys, yellows and shades of black and white underscore the authenticity of these uniform worthy designs.

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“The infusion of athletic style into spring’s underwear releases speaks to an increasingly evident shift in the men’s underwear industry to showcase underwear as a stand-alone item,” Kleinmann elaborates. “Underwear isn’t just an after-thought anymore; brands are using a variety of style inspirations in their designs giving guys the ability to say, “this is what I want my look to be today,” and having that specific option. There’s literally something for everyone, including guys that want that varsity appeal.”

The Underwear Expert rounded up the finest athletic inspired underwear from the season’s releases, and teamed with photographer Aydin Arjomand to showcase the new trend in an exclusive photo spread.

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