Blue’s Duncan James talks Twitter abuse over his sexuality: ‘I hope you get AIDS and die’

Duncan James has opened up about homophobic abuse he suffered after The Big Reunion finished.

Duncan James writes on instagram.: Throwback !! @kingbird1 @leeryanmusic @antonycosta and moi ;)
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The Blue star talked openly about his sexuality in Blue’s episode of the show, which saw famous pop bands reunite on the ITV2 show. But after the episode had aired, Duncan James experienced a flurry of vile abuse on the social network.

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Duncan James, thank you for sharing your story about your experience with homophobic abuse on twitter. It’s important to put it out there, so people can see, fame is no protection against homophobic abuse.

The LGBT community has come a long way to gain equality, but sadly has a long road in front of us – to erase homophobic abuse/hate and to gain full equality.

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