EY! Looks Like Ernst & Young has an Image Problem

Ernst & Young recently re-branded itself as EY.

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In a news release, the company said its new “name and logo are important indicators of who we are and what we stand for. Now we are taking the opportunity to strengthen and modernise how we represent ourselves in markets around the world to our clients, our people and the communities in which we operate.”

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However, the company may not have been planning to represent itself in markets around the world like this…

EY! Picture via francisco-lachowski.tumblr.com
EY! Picture via francisco-lachowski.tumblr.com

or this…

Photo via malemodelscene.net
Photo via malemodelscene.net

The problem is, a quick Google search for ‘EY’ turns up just as many racy pictures of scantily-clad guys as it does for Ernst & Young (excuse me, EY). EY! Magateen is a limited-edition gay teen magazine, published in Spain by Luis Venegas. The magazine is known for racy, suggestive pictures.

EY! Magateen hasn’t published an issue since 2011, but it’s getting a lot of attention now… Thanks to EY’s re-branding.



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