Freelance Writer Rachel Mork Launches New Gay Rights Website

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Freelance writer Rachel Mork launches new gay rights website, focusing on the controversial topic of conversion therapy. The site provides news and resources for LGBT people who have been subjected to conversion therapy or who want to help someone considering undergoing reorientation or suppression therapy.

Rachel Mork, gay rights activist and freelance writer, says, “With the increasing political polarization of voters (social conservatives versus social liberals), gay rights issues are becoming more and more volatile.” In response to this changing political and social climate, Mork has launched a new website,

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According to Mork, “Socially conservative communities have responded to the perceived threat of progressive changes by pressuring gay men and women, and gay teens in particular, to try to suppress or change their sexual orientation through a variety of forms of therapy. The methods used in conversion therapy efforts can cause significant emotional trauma, warranting intervention and requiring support.” She launched as part of her effort to educate the public about conversion therapy (also known as reparative therapy or sexual reorientation therapy).

The site provides educational information, descriptions of and links to LGBT support groups, news updates, and editorial commentary and interpretation of current events surrounding the topic of conversion therapy. The site will eventually have an interactive component to it in the form of a discussion forum and a resources map, which will allow users to expose conversion therapists, recommend positive LGBT counselors, and provide emotional support via online resources.

Mork hopes to inspire gay rights activists to work together to promote acceptance of same sex relationships and fight religious intolerance, especially within religious communities since gay men and lesbians who are religious are usually most vulnerable to conversion therapy. This is because most conversion therapists use fear of God or desire to please a spiritual deity as motivation behind conversion therapy. Mork plans on using the website to unite LGBT activists who understand how to support gay men and lesbian women (teens, in particular, but any people who need help) as they reconcile the socially conservative opinions of radically religious anti-gay communities while embracing sexual authenticity and freedom.

To learn more about Mork’s efforts, visit

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