Perez Hilton : On Guys With iPhones

Celebrity Hollywood Blogger and father of one Perez Hilton is apparently a fan of the popular Guys With iPhones website as he posts several Selfies of his new bod.

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Perez Hilton | GuysWithiPhones

A number of pictures of the newly toned and muscly Perez Hilton have emerged on

Perez has become a dab hand at the Selfie – and uploaded numerous pics to the site.

Perez Hilton | GuysWithiPhones

Including this one of Perez’s incredible weight-loss

Perez Hilton | GuysWithiPhones

Earlier in the year Perez posted pictures of himself in the bathtub with his new born son, Mario. Hilton beame a father in Feb 2013.

Perez Hitlon

Perez Hilton is not the only famous persons to haunt the virtual locker room of GuysWithiPhone, Davey Wavey, Zachary Quinto, Duncan James and Val Kilmer have all uploaded Selfies.

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