Margaret Berger – Scream

Margaret Berger represented Norway with the song "I Feed You My Love" in Eurovision Song Contest 2013 and got forth place in the final in Malmö, Sweden.

Margaret Berger - Scream
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Margaret Berger grew up on a Norwegian island called Hitra, on the Trøndelags-coast in the middle of Norway. And she is now ready to conquer the world.

It’s not difficult to understand why. Margaret embodies all the essential ingredients for a worldwide super star, one with the real possibility of a colourful career in front of her, the kind of potential longevity rare in the current popular music climate.

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With classic Norwegian beauty, songs, the elusive “x-factor”, and an indescribable aura in the mix, this artist is being likened to a captivating blend of her Nordic female counterparts like Björk and the knife with the delicious, all-important essential of strong, timeless electro-pop songs in her back pocket to substantiate comparisons with these iconic idols.

After the 4th place in Eurovision 2013, Margaret Berger has been working with her forthcoming album and now she has released a new single. Have a listen below.

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