Snails in the rain (along with the rest of us!)

In this sexy, intelligent and emotional Israeli film, Snails in the rain, set in Tel Aviv in 1989, Boaz (male model Yoav Reuveni) is a linguistics student committed to his loving girlfriend, Noa (Moran Rosenblatt).

Snails in the rain
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But soon Boaz questions his life when he begins receiving a series of obsessive love letters from another man. They expose the inner world of their author, who is deeply closeted and seems to know everything about him, including Boaz s past attraction to other men. As the letters progressively consume his daily thoughts, paranoia soon sets in, making everyone around him a potential suspect. As his world unravels, Boaz must come to terms with his inner demons in order to finally accept his true self.

Snails in the rain – trailer

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Buy Snails in the Rain Coming To DVD And VOD November 24, 2014.

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