The results of The LGBT Music Vote are in…

The fight at the top was very close - so the last hour before the vote was closed was very crucial for the winner - so thanks to the winners dedicated fans - the winner climbed up to the top.

LGBT Music Vote
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First of all we at and want to thank all of the music fans that has been voting and has tweeted and posted on Facebook about the vote – to promote their favourite song.

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First winner ever of the LGBT Music Vote are the Swedish popstar Ola with his song Jackie Kennedy if you haven’t heard it – have you been sleeping during 2014 ? you can see the music video below.

A big congratulation to Ola – you can follow him on twitter @ola_official and please send him a congratulations tweet.

[table caption=”The LGBT Music Vote 2014″ width=”620″ colwidth=”20|200|200″ colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
1,Ola, Jackie Kennedy,26.4 %
2,Ryan Dolan ,Start Again,25.1 %
3,Yehonathan,Close to You,19.9 %
4,Naked Highway,Self Control,18.7 %
5,K Anderson,14 Year Old Me , 5.1 %
6,Man Meadow,Take It (All) Off,4.9 %

Ola sings about where his Jackie – but we will always sing “where is my Ola?”

The LGBT Music Vote 2014 – Winner – Ola – Jackie Kennedy

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