Hjørdis – Miniseries about anti-bullying you need to watch on Netflix

This miniseries spinoff of "Rita" follows teacher Hjørdis as she plans a school play on bullying featuring a cast of socially awkward students.

Hjørdis / Lise Baastrup
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We met loveable Hjørdis in the worldwide hit Danish drama series Rita (haven’t you seen it – you should!).

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Hjørdis, she has now got her own show, Hjørdis, and you can watch it right now on Netflix and a little warning you need a handkerchief in the final episode.

In the opening episode of the four part miniseries, Hjørdis decides to put together a school play together with German music teacher Gert, as the big final for the school’s two weeks long anti-bullying campaign.

Eight of the school’s pupils have volunteered to perform in the school play, and here is a few of them :  Johanne, she doesn’t like to speak because of her deafness and Johanne’s body-conscious BFF Malaika and Bo is a young boy that are overweight and eats chocolate as comfort because everything feels good for a little while and Kristoffer, a first grade boy who would rather play a princess than a prince.

Every pupil needs to get past their own fears, to be able to grow their own confidence and in the end put them selfs in the spotlight to make the school play a success.

I will highly recommend this series and as you might already know it’s coming lot of quality television from Scandinavia – so take your time and watch it – I promise you will love Hjørdis.

Watch it on Netflix right now.

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