Norwegian-American David Engen won “Alt for Norge”

Alt for Norge (All for Norway, though it's marketed in the the U.S as The Great Norway Adventure) is a Norwegian reality television series which has been aired in Norway since 2010 and are aired on TVNorge and hosted by Henriette Bruusgaard.

Alt for Norge - 2015
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Openly gay “Alt for Norge” participant David Engen from Minneapolis, USA/Gausdal, Norway won then Norwegian reality series and can call him self : True Norwegian, tonight.

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The phrase “Alt for Norge” are also the royal motto for Norwegian King and has been the royal motto since King Haakon VII was crowned king for Norway in 1905. Previous to 1905 he was known as Prince Carl of Denmark and Norway was in an union with Sweden.

The reality television series are for Norwegian-Americans that has never been in Norway before and through different challenges participants needs conquer and they will learn about their Norwegian heritage throughout the reality series, but one by one needs to leave Norway until one are left and are the winner of the competition. After he have won the competition he got a family reunion with his Norwegian relatives – that he haven’t seen or talked with before.

Alt for Norge Season 6 – premiere-promo

The winner – David Engen

Congratulation David !

TVNorge are owned by Discovery Networks.

Photo by TVNorge

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