‘One of the best films to come out of Brazil in the past decade’ is about to hit the UK

Set during a repressive 1970′s Brazil, Tattoo follows the lives of men who refuse to live, and love quietly.

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The most flamboyant of the group is unquestionably Clécio – a powerhouse of unapologetic energy and sexuality.

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When Clécio’s lover brings home his sexy brother-in-law Fininha, an 18-year-old policeman, Clécio falls in love and things quickly spiral out of control. A heady mix of sex, nudity and drugs, with a whole lot of glitter thrown in, Tattoo is bold, daring and distinctive. It’s bound to make an impression forever.

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Tattoo Details

Actors: Irandhir Santos, Jesuita Barbosa, Rodrigo Garcia, Silvio Restiffe, Sylvia Prado
Directors: Hilton Lacerda
Language: Portuguese
Subtitles: English
Number of discs: 1
Classification (Ireland/UK/Europe/Scandinavia): 15
Studio (Ireland/UK/Europe/Scandinavia) : TLA
Studio (USA) : TLA Releasing
DVD Release Date (USA) : December 8, 2015
DVD Release Date (Ireland/UK/Europe/Scandinavia): 23 Nov. 2015
Run Time: 111 minutes

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