Oslo Pride ​Searching for the official theme song 2016

Oslo Pride gets ready for pride in 2016 and is now searching for the artist to create the official theme song.

Oslo Pride 2015
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Oslo Pride invites to an open contest, where a independent jury in the end will select a winner.

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The artist selected to create the theme song in 2016 will receive 15.000 NOK, about 1.600 Euro. In return the artist must commit to perform at least two times during the festival in June 2016.

The artist selected will get access to a fantastic Pride audience. There are few places one can find a better audience than in Pride Park in Spikersuppa, in the city center of Oslo, where there are over 50,000 persons who visits each year.

Practical information

Send in a demo / song and text to event@oslopride.no.
Deadline for submission of entries is 1 February 2016.
The songs submitted can be inspired by the theme for Oslo Pride, which in 2016 is solidarity.
The winner will be published online March 1.
The finished song will be officially launched on Friday April 15
The artist(s) retains all rights and ownership, but commit to undertakes at least two performances during Oslo Pride 2016 (17th – 26th June)
A contract will be outlined and signed between Oslo Pride and the artist(s) who shall make and perform the Oslo Pride 2016 theme song before it officially will be declared the winner.


The song must be under 4 minutes long.
The song must have vocals.
The artist (s) must be able to perform the song for Oslo prides audience twice during the festival period 17th – 26th June 2016.
The text of the song must not violate the values and purpose of Oslo Pride.
The song must not be previously published.
Questions? Please contact us at event@oslopride.no.

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