Brandon Skeie – So Bad

Brandon Skeie 's debut single "So Bad" is now available worldwide, it a great pop tune that you can't stop listening to.

Brandon Skeie
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I’ve never heard about before I accidentally came over this beautiful tune and I can’t wait to hear more from this guy. If you didn’t understand it, I just love So Bad.

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After little bit of googling Brandon Skeie, I found out that he gained viral attention with his cover of Adele ’s “Hello”, and I understand why he got this attention – it was an amazing version.

The reason Brandon Skeie got my attention was his last name, that sounds bit Norwegian, so it will not surprise me if he have little bit Norwegian blood running through his veins. (This is me just guessing… it’s not a fact since I’ve don’t have anything that says so).

Brandon Skeie - So Bad

Brandon Skeie writes on his Facebook page

Cannot believe this day is finally here.Your love, support & kind words are truly inspiring & have brightened my day. If you could share this with friends & family that would mean the world to me.

Brandon Skeie - So Bad

Buy So Bad

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