Dear superficial Grindr guys…

I'm sure you've been on Grindr or other same type of app and most likely you've experience the same type experience what this is all about.

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Let’s say Grindr was a room full of guys and you walks up to one of them and you say politely “Hi, how are you ?” and guy do not respond at all and just walks away. And what would you call that ? I would call it, extremely rude and not very polite right ? But on Grindr and other site like it, that seems to be perfectly ok to do, not answer based on a split second viewing your picture. It’s like, if they had replied it would have been like promising  moving in and marriage – the whole package.

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You are standing chatting with this guy and suddenly, just stop answering your questions – just stands there – you can see that he is breading – it’s still a green light that says he is online – then you think for your self, maybe he logged out and the green light is slow to turn off. Then you see that he’s there the next day, but still no response to the question – so you ask another question and still no response – what do you call that ? Would you behave like that if he was face to face with you ?

Then you have those guys that , says Hi to you and you respond and say hi back, and then no response. Why did he walk up to you and say hi as starter of a conversation and then nothing ? I will call it very strange behaviour.

Then you have these guys that contacting you, with very flattering comments, even how long time it has gone – sometimes you’ve not been online for a few days, and the response is, that was pretty fast mate, then they go over to that they are very horny and wondering if you want to watch them – then you responds – yeah why not – then you get a link to a pay site. They want to earn money on, that’s why they said hi in the first place.

So have guys that contact you and start a conversation, and then you send a reply and you get a reply that they are not on this site often so would exchange your email address ? And you respond that you never give out your email address and then dead silence. You wonder what was all that about, because most of these apps it’s free to send messages like it’s free to send emails.

I’ve been describing different types of scenarios that is very likely to happen on a social network like Grindr and it’s not only Grindr – this happens on all of them. Why do you suddenly change social behaviour because you are online – if I meet these people face to face I wouldn’t even consider contacting them based on the social behaviour, they will certainly not remember it because you’re one of the guys in the pile of rejected men based on split second look at your picture and decided this guy I don’t wanna have sex (that is what he has on his mind apparently) without any other information than a picture that he watched for a split second.

So if you know about any apps where you can find serious guys – that do not change behaviour because they are online – please comment below so all serious guys can check them out in stead of trying to make contact with people with strange social behaviour and high rate of superficialness.

Of course not everyone are like that, but they are not growing threes – so it’s very hard to spot them it seems.

Jack’D another gay dating app created this video to illustrate the change of behaviour because it’s online:

Is this this the answer for our prayers ? : Hanky a New Dating App Helps Gay Men Avoid Unwanted Attention

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