Live for the moment – Aya Arcos

Aya Arcos is about Fabio who is a 21 year old hustler working the heady streets of Rio when he meets Edu, a successful author.

Aya Arcos
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They embark on a passionate and wild relationship. But whilst Fabio is sexually adventurous and carefree, Edu has demons to face, and finds emotional connections difficult.

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Together they must try to navigate a path together – can they really live for the moment, or will the crushing realities of life crush them completely?

Aya Arcos

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Aya Arcos details

Actors: Cesare Augusto, Daniel Passi, Andre Vieira
Language: Portuguese
Subtitles: English
Rated UK/Ireland/Scandinavia/Europe : Unrated
Rated USA : Unrated
Studio: TLA
DVD Release Date (UK/Ireland/Scandinavia/Europe) : 25 Jan. 2016
DVD Release Date (USA): January 26, 2016
Run Time: 84 minutes

Aya Arcos - Article

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