Rape Convicted got heavier penalty because the victim is a lesbian

A 36 year old man is in Follo District Court sentenced to prison for two years and nine months for a sleeping rape of a woman in Ski in Norway.

Norwegian Møtesalen in Høyesterett
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The woman and her partner were clubbing in Ski and invited two men to their home to an afterparty in the spring of 2014 writes the Norwegian local newspaper Østlandets Blad (subscription needed).

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In an aggravating circumstance, the Court emphasised that the defendant grossly abused the trust which the two women showed as they invited him home with them. In an aggravating circumstance, the Court further emphasised that the defendant knew that the victim is lesbian.

A rape committed by a man will, as the court sees it, is perceived as a major trauma for someone who is a lesbian than for a heterosexual woman, said the ruling.

(We think it’s major trauma for any woman – straight, lesbian, bisexual or transgender that has been raped, but understand the thought behind the ruling).

In addition to the prison sentence is 36-year-old sentenced to pay the woman 125,000 kroner in compensation.

– He has not appealed the sentence, said Ski-man’s lawyer, Trond Dyvik, Norwegian newspaper VG reports.

Photo By Henrik Ørsted (Oslo Museum, digitaltmuseum.no) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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