Who won the The Sexy Vote 2015 ?

Thanks to dedicated fans of sexy men - we got a result that tells us that our visitors knows what sexy men should look like in 2015.

The Sexy Vote 2015
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The winner is no surprise this year either, he has now won the The Sexy Vote three times on a row thanks to very dedicated fans. So once again big congratulation to Duncan James and a happy new year to you and to all of you that has voted.

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Duncan James - Instagram

Photo by Duncan James – Instagram

The first vote for 2016 will be our yearly “14 sexy men, but only one Mr. Valentine” 2016, so do you have any suggestions – please comment below – your suggestion will be reviewed for the inclusions of the “14 sexy men, but only one Mr. Valentine” 2016 vote. We are looking forward to your suggestions. Please click on like if someone else has suggested one you like – so we don’t get lot of comments with the same name – we need 14 sexy men.

[table caption=”The Sexy Vote 2015″ width=”620″ colwidth=”20|200|50″ colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
no,Name,,% Votes,
1,Duncan James,,42.9 % ,
2,Måns Zelmerlöw,,10.2 % ,
3,Nick Jonas,,9.9 % ,
4,Chris Mears,,9.8 % ,
5,Cory Lee,,7.5 % ,
6,Tom Daley,,5.3 % ,
7,Garrett Clayton,,3.7 % ,
8,Jaymi Hensley,,3.6 % ,
9,Matthew Mitcham,,3.2 % ,
10,Zayn Malik,,2.7 % ,
11,Ian Thorpe,,1.2 % ,

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