ImmiGAYtion – An Undocumented Immigrant’s 23 Year Migration to Marriage Equality

If you’re looking for some compelling read this spring, consider the new book, ImmiGAYtion, by outspoken Author, Jay Jackson Feldman.


The author’s new release, ImmiGAYtion: An Undocumented Immigrant and His Husband’s 23 Year Migration to Marriage Equality, is the first instalment in this autobiographical series.

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“For a long time, I struggled with making this intensely personal story public,” states, Feldman, “But my husband convinced me to just release the first instalment and see how it’s received.”

ImmiGAYtion spans from 1990, through the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage in 2013, and details heart wrenching ordeals faced while living undocumented, just so the Author and his husband could remain together. Registered as domestic partners when they first became legal in 1999, and legally married in 2008, the couple remained virtual strangers in the eyes of federal law.

Feldman explains, “This is a highly personal story, and I have not read it in years. It’s as if it was written by another person; the undocumented self I used to be, and doesn’t necessarily reflect who I am now. In many ways, I don’t consider my life to have started until the day I became a lawful permanent resident of this great country, and my new persona was born.”

Portions of the book have recently been interpreted into a high drama screenplay that’s being circulated for possible production. When asked if he will release future instalments of the book, the Author responds, “It depends. Part of me would like to bury this story forever, but another part of me wonders if it needs to be found by others, and perhaps help illuminate the struggles so many binational couples have faced.”

ImmiGAYtion: An Undocumented Immigrant and His Husband’s 23 Year Migration to Marriage Equality – Book 1: Longitude Usurps Latitude, will be released on April 19, 2016, exclusively for Amazon KindleUnlimited, and will be available on iBooks on August 2, 2016.