Young Writer Prodigy Educates Readers of Bullying, LBGT Rights in The Lesbian

Prisca Christina Yue introduces sensitive, timely topic in latest juvenile fiction tale ‘ The Lesbian ’.

The Lesbian

As it is a common discussion in researches, tabloids and in the television, the awareness and understanding of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals (LGBT) has become the latest trend. With this, young writer prodigy Prisca Christina Yue pens a juvenile fiction book, titled “The Lesbian” (published by Xlibris AU), that attempts to give light on the increasing cases of LGBT/same-sex marriage and the associated bullying especially in the school setting. In this tale, two good friends will undergo situations and challenges they would have never expected to happen to them.

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This book tells the story of the friendship between Gianna and Sapphire. The two have been good friends since pre-school and have maintained a firm relationship. Sapphire is a beautiful and very popular student. She always wears her hair in a long side braid every time she went to school. One day however, she came to school with a shaved head, much to the surprise of everyone. After being confronted by her classmates, Sapphire admitted to be a lesbian. As the news spread around her school, Sapphire’s popularity soon waned. People began to bully her and no one was willing to help, including her best friend Gianna. One day, Sapphire finally told Gianna the shocking truth behind her shaved head.

Yue springs her plot and characters from lessons taken from school and the real life. She aims on starting an awareness of the negative effects of bullying and educating readers, especially the young and teenaged, of the rights of everyone regardless of gender or preference.

You can buy “The Lesbian” on iTunes (world) or at Amazon (UK/IE/Europe/Scandinavia).

About Prisca Christina Yue

Prisca Christina Yue is an 11-year-old girl who has a passion for activities that include reading, swimming and playing rugby and violin. She also loves playing video games, talking with her friends and listening to music. As a pet lover, she has a dog, three cats and a sea turtle. Since the age of 3, Yue has competed in various speech competitions in English, Spanish, Chinese and Mandarin languages and has won more than 40 awards, including merits and champions. She published her first novel, “The Challenges of the Gobi Desert,” when she was 10 years old. Her second novel, “The Lesbian,” was published a year later. She aims to write many adventurous stories and transport more readers to her magical and exciting world. In the future, Yue envisions herself as a young, internationally acclaimed writer.

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