Gabriele Esposito goes from steamy hot to even hotter fireman

Last Saturday Gabriele Esposito got attention for his steamy hot Britney Get Naked routine on the Italian TV show Amici, this week he topping that with Britney's Toy Soldier dressed as a fireman.

Gabriele Esposito

Gabriele Esposito are playing into every gay man’s dream and he is doing perfectly, so if you loved his last week performance with steamy hot Britney Get Naked routine – you will love his even hotter with Britney Spears hit song Toy Soldier.

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It’s sure that Gabriele Esposito have open your eyes for sexy dancing Italian men….. one thing are for sure he has got the interest from the whole gay men community….

So enjoy Gabriele Esposito’s Toy Soldier routine below.