Jamie Love stripped of Mr Gay Scotland title and he still can be our hero

Jamie Love, a model who was recently named Mr Gay Scotland, has reportedly been stripped of his title after opting to attend a local Pride event rather than enter a European competition in Sweden.

Jamie Love
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Jamie Love objected to having to personally fund the £1,000 trip to the event in Stockholm, and decided that his time would be better spent attending the West Lothian Pride event instead.

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This prompted the organisers of Mr Gay Europe to respond by taking away the Scotsman’s title and requesting him to return his sash.

Read more at kaleidoscot.com.

We support our hero Jamie Love

If someone organises a competition that requires you to pay 1000 £ of your own money to be able to participate, after winning the title in a local Mr Gay competition – is not a competition – you are then paying for a title – then we think the organisers should be honest to promote it as it is, not covered it up and call it a competition.

We think that if organisers wanted Jamie Love to be at certain place during certain time – they should cover the travel cost, accommodation during that time they wanted Mr. Love be at their availability.

And Jamie just tell them to pick up the sash and here is the address….

Jamie, you don’t need a title or 1000 £ to be a LGBT hero, only based on your actions and what you do and values you have – and only then – you’ll be able to reach the goal to be a LGBT hero.


Photo Jamie Love/Twitter

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