Mexican Figure Skater Donovan Carrillo (16) perfect response to homophobic insults

Internet trolls wanted to put Donovan Carrillo (16) down by coming with homophobic insults, but it didn't work as planned for the homophobic trolls.

Donovan Carrillo

His routine was a hit, reportedly earning Carrillo a slot at the upcoming International Skating Union’s World Junior Figure Skating Championships. Unfortunately, as Pink News pointed out, it also earned Carrillo a deluge of homophobic blowback from internet small-brains convinced that harassing a world-class teenage athlete over his sexuality is a great use of their time, reports.

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Carrillo, however, would have the last laugh, taking to Twitter to put his hateful trolls in their place, once and for all.

“It doesn’t bother me that people call me gay, because I’m NOT,” he explained. “It’s infuriating that people think the word gay is a joke or an insult towards my efforts”

“I admire and respect the LGBT community because I am friendly with many of their members, but I’m not a part of that community.”

“The fact that I skate doesn’t mean that [I’m gay],” He concluded. “Just like being a soccer player doesn’t mean you’re heterosexual.”


2016 ISU Junior Grand Prix – Yokohama – Men Free Skate – Donovan Carrillo

Photo Youtube/ISU Junior Grand Prix