Children of non-Western immigrants are more negative towards gays than other youths

But significantly children of non-Western immigrants are more positive towards gays than their parents.

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“Do you think your parents think homosexuality is’ okay ‘?” “Do you think homosexuality is’ OK’ ‘?

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These were among the approximately one hundred questions that was asked the first-year students at secondary schools in Oslo and Akershus in Norway during spring 2016, and which has now become the FAFO report “Assimilation in Norwegian – Social mobility and cultural adaptation among immigrant adolescents.”

Acceptance of gays is a key dividing line between countries. In Norway, a portion of immigrants from countries where homosexuality is not accepted. Now researcher Jon Horgen Friberg studied attitudes among young people.

As much as 25 percent of young people born in Norway with African parents believe homosexuality ‘never’ is ok, and 28 percent among those with parents from the Middle East and West Asia.

On the positive side, it may seem as if there are major differences by generation. There are twice as many responding that their parents are negative, than them self are.

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