SKAM is back and sadly with final season

On Good Friday it was the time to kick start a new season of SKAM and Sana is the person in focus for the Season 4 and final season.


Yes, Isak and Even are still together in Season 4 and final season of the Norwegian hit series SKAM created by NRK.

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The main character this season are Sana and below you can see some highlights from the first episode of the 4th season.

In first episode we saw that Sana are clearly seeing the temptation all around her – keyword are boys – and the struggles with the combination to follow the Muslim faith and being like a normal Norwegian teenager. Pressure from friends, parents and her self to follow her fait.

Is there something between Sana and Yousef ? time will show. I’ve loved Sana from day one in SKAM – she is cool and I’m looking forward to get to know her better. In this season I’ve will get lot of Sana time on screen. Looking forward to episode 2…

Photo by NRK