Guilty pleasures don’t get much guiltier than this Spanish romp!

A fabulously delicious, totally erotic, forbidden love story, 'Wild Awakening' is equal part drama and gay soap opera! Emma and Toni run a riding school where men are forever seemingly running around topless.

Wild Awakening
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Toni’s life is mostly notable for his uncontrolled and promiscuous sex life- so when he falls for the foreman’s gorgeous son Aaron, it causes shockwaves around the close-knit community, and for Aaron’s homophobic father. Stacked full of the hottest latino men you’ve ever laid eyes on, and dripping with sensuality, ‘Wild Awakening‘ is about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on!

Wild Awakening // trailer

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Wild Awakening // details

Actors: Fabián Castro, Richie Ormon, Júlia Hernández, Christian Blanch, Jordi Pujol
Directors: Joan Fermí Martí
Classification (UK): 15
Studio: TLA Releasing
DVD Release Date: 29 May 2017
Run Time: 93 minutes

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