Jamie Love former Mr Gay Scotland was names top 100 Attitude Bachelors globally

My Scottish crush, Jamie Love, number 55 on the top 100 Attitude Bachelors globally, another story is that he would be number one on my list.

Jamie Love
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Jamie Love says this in a comment to MySoCalledGayLife.co.uk :

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“Stood in a room, surrounded by the hottest and bestest of the best that’s when I saw my wee face appear on screen… number 55 bachelor of 2017!

Shocked is an understatement, the competition globally is huge. There are forever more gay men who go above and beyond in fighting for what we all believe in and to be named as a top 100 globally is crazy!

It sort of brought me back to my teens, walking down the corridors at school knowing fine well what people thought of me, the nicknames, the looks and the sly comments.

How can you go from that to being rewarded by the biggest LGBT magazine in the world as a top 100 bachelor?

That’s when I thought of how many people must be in their teen phase, feeling exactly the way I felt, the way it hurts to an extent that you’re numb.

I’m not a blogger, nor a writer of any sort but I felt this is needed. Even if it just makes one person smile, or even if it makes walking into school tomorrow a little more bearable. However cliche it sounds it really does get better, and guess what – those people who right now are bringing you down, those who run the halls, once you make it will be the first to like your pics, to get back in touch because they hit their peak in their teens. They built themselves around the halls meanwhile you were focused on building yourself away from those walls.

Just hang on in there, take it from an unpopular wee gay guy who lived it… the bullies are unavoidable now but they’re transparent from up above. “

Jamie, on my list you’ll be number one – who can resist Scottish charm ? Not me !

Congratulation Jamie, all the best from me and MySoCalledGayLife.co.uk !

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