SKAM – It’s not that easy to get over Yousef

Sana tries to get over Yousef - she can't be in love with someone that do not believe in Allah.

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Sorry for the very late update. This is from last week’s episode of SKAM.

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Nora tells Sana, the reason why she is back in Norway and the reason why William and Nora isn’t together anymore. She couldn’t testify agains Nico (William’s brother) in court. William was disappointed says Nora.

Sana tries to ignore Yousef and looking for a way to get over someone she deeply she love’s….. Sana’s mother are worried that Elias are drinking alcohol and asks Sana about it.

Sana are using Nora’s getting over William excuse, so her self can get over Yousef – so she has a plan – she are planning to look at other muslims boys, but will not tell Nora real reason and why they are going to a cafe. Sana and Nora meets two guys at the coffee place – but are interrupted Yousef calling and telling that Elias are drunk and it’s not smart that he goes home when he is drunk.

Yousef, Sana and Nora bring to Elias to Nora’s place. Yousef follows Sana home and then they get to really talk and she gets to know why he is not believing in Allah anymore.

Sana and Yousef had a moment outside Sana’s appartment, but was interrupted by Sana’s mother… it’s not easy to get over Yousef….

Photo by NRK

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