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About 15 far-right-extremists stormed this afternoon the pride parade that went through city centre of Stockholm, Sweden.

The attack occurred at Stureparken in Östermalm, reports.

“There has been an incident were a group of people who disturbed the pride parade and temporarily stopped the parade,” says Mats Eriksson, informer at the Stockholm Police.

Several of the people in the group, are known from the far-right-extremist group Nordic Youth (Nordisk ungdom).

The incident occurred at quarter past three, and about ten people were taken care of by the police, SVT reports.

According to SVT’s Malin Crona, the parade was disturbed only for a few minutes.

A few minutes, five minutes maybe. The police came straight away and took them away and my idea was that they had everything under control, she said, adding:

– People seemed to take it calmly. I did not see any violence. But it was suddenly unpleasant mood. Afterwards, people in the parade called out “no racists on our streets,” says Malin Crona.

It’s not decided if or what these far-right-extremist group representatives will be charged with says the police.

Photo by Benson Kua [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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