Trump Formally Bars Transgender People from Military

On the evening of Friday, August 25, Donald Trump released a memorandum instructing the Secretaries of Defense and Homeland Security to limit transgender employment and health care in the military.

Donald Trump - Transgender
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The memorandum formalises the ban that Donald Trump unexpectedly issued on Twitter a month ago, turning that discriminatory decision into official policy. A quote from Ryan Thoreson, a researcher in the LGBT rights program at Human Rights Watch, is below:

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“Donald Trump’s ban on transgender military service has been opposed by the public, lawmakers, and leaders in the military for a reason – it’s cruel and it’s bigoted. Denying a qualified group of people employment and health care because of who they are is the definition of discrimination, and lawmakers should make every effort to ensure that this attack on transgender service members is stopped in its tracks.” has removed the word President. A president should be presidential, not take decisions based on own mood and the president should be fit to govern. His decisions should not reflect based what he has to gain growing his own wealth. His decisions should be based what is the best for the country even if it’s not best for the president personally. 

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