One More Night with Tyler Ray Jacobson

I just tumble across talented Tyler Ray Jacobson and his new single One More Night and you don't want to miss out.

Tyler Ray Jacobson
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Tyler Ray is a pop artist from Longview, Washington, about two hours south of Seattle.

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Tyler Ray Jacobson mother recognised Tyler passion for music when she noticed
him listening to tapes and the radio more so than wanting to do “normal kid stuff”.

His grandparents from both sides of the family had many musical instruments that young Tyler would try to sing along to, as well. Tyler’s mother soon enrolled him in both before- and after school programs that involved music to encourage his interest.

Tyler listened mostly to pop, jazz, R&B, and country music as he grew up, but in high school he started to develop his own taste and his own sound.

He performed in many talent shows and at different venues around Longview, where he made a name for himself.

After graduating and doing a lot of soul searching, he decided it was time to take a huge leap of faith and pursue his passion. Music, he knew, was the only thing that would ever fully satisfy him. So he went for it, moving to Nashville at 19 with the perfect plan of making Music City his home.

He worked three jobs to afford a life here, all the while writing music and discovering himself as an artist thanks to the help of Alfons Kettner, who wrote the Billboard chart-topper “What You Won’t Do For Love”. The two collaborated, wrote, and worked on many songs together. This union helped Tyler discover his style of performance at every possible venue in Nashville.

Tyler then went on to audition show “American Idol” season 12 and 14. The two season auditions both led to an invitation to Hollywood! But he was later sent home on a split vote season 12 and without reason on season 14.

Shortly after “American Idol” he lost his best friend and mentor to a battle with cancer, which devastated Tyler and left him with questions and confusion. Eventually, things got better and he was able to pick himself up again.

Tyler Ray Jacobson
Tyler Ray Jacobson

This time he was writing on his own and doing everything himself to make things work because he knew that’s what his mentor would have wanted. His EP and singles are now
available at all major online music stores, as well as his official online

After been listening to One More Night, I love his voice and style and can’t wait to hear more from this talented artist. Tyler Ray has clearly a bright feature in front of him. So please take a listen… else you are missing out something magical.

Tyler Ray Jacobson’s One More Night has been added to our official Spotify Playlist – follow it so you are not missing out on great tunes.

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