Transforming, a documentary about kids who identify as transgender or intersex

Tallbergs Publishing House's Marcus Tallberg are working together with Camilla Gisslow to create the documentary Transforming, but they need your support to be able to make it.

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Camilla Gisslow, who is the mother of Sam. Sam came out as trans when he was 4,5 years old. That was 20 years ago. Camilla created her own company to do lectures about the subject. Two years ago she published her book based on Sam’s journey. She published it herself, since she too was met with “Sweden has no room for LGBTQ-literature” – and oh, she proved them wrong!

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Marcus Tallberg and the owner of Tallbergs Publishing House. He started the company because Sweden‘s publishing houses say that Sweden has no room for LGBTQ-literature. He disagreed.

These two Swedish LGBTQ pioneers has joined force to create a documentary about kids who identify as transgender or intersex, to tell the story about their parents and the journey they take together. It has the working title “Transforming” at the moment.

This documentary is going to be international, with English subtitles and we want it to be shown at festivals all around the world. When we’re done with the festivals, it’s going to be on Gazenet (the Scandinavian LGBTQ streaming service) and Vimeo for starters.

Support Transforming at

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