Sam Smith baffled and ‘angry’ that he’s still copping ‘homophobic abuse’ on a daily basis

Sam Smith has revealed his anger and frustration at the homophobic abuse he cops on a daily basis.

Sam Smith

HIM confronts Smith’s complicated relationship with his Catholic upbringing. More of a gift to his fans than a cathartic experience, HIM is an accusatory anthem that targets the Catholic church for its treatment of homosexuals. It questions how the church could contend that God doesn’t care for people in same-sex relationships.

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Written in his best mate’s shower after a visit to Sydney’s famous gay club, Stonewall, the song came naturally. Its title HIM is a play on hymn.

“That song isn’t about me, it’s a coming out story, it’s for any boy or girl in the world who struggles to come out to their parents, ” says Sam Smith.

“There’s an anger in that song. I am angry, I’m a gay guy, I have had a very lucky upbringing and had beautiful people around me who are very accepting of who I am, but no matter how amazing your upbringing is as a gay man, there’s still people on this planet who don’t want you here.

“I get homophobic abuse every day on my social media, even though I don’t pay attention to that shit, but it’s important to talk about it. It’s important to say ‘it’s him I love’ because that’s the key. I love men and I fall in love with men and its the same as anyone else, that’s what I wanted to get across.”

Photo By © (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons