Kamferdrops – Ein bisschen frieden

Norwegian artist Kamferdrops has taken the Eurovision winner song from 1982 and put it in 2017 sound and the result sounds like a hit.

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The female artist Kamferdrops has even done the Swedish version of the song, called En liten Fågel. She is even competing in Swedish Melodifestivalen 2018 with a song called Solen lever kvar hos dig (The sun is still living with you), to become the winner of the Melodifestivalen so she can represents Sweden in Eurovision 2018.

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I’m sure everyone that loves Eurovision, will take this version of Ein bisschen frieden to their Eurovison heart and the time is here to freshen up the German you might have learned in high school for many years ago for some.

Ein bisschen frieden // Kamferdrops // Music Video

Ein bisschen frieden // Kamferdrops

Kamferdrops‘s Ein bisschen frieden has been added to our official Spotify Playlist – follow it so you are not missing out on great tunes.

The original version of the tune can you find below the playlist.

Ein bisschen frieden // Eurovision 1982

Germany wins Eurovision for the first time with this song.

Nicole‘s single is still the only Eurovision entry to top the sales charts in every territory it was released in, according to Wikipedia.

Ein Bisschen frieden is a peace song sung in a time of fighting and conflict during the days of Cold War, but are still very relevant today.

Ein bisschen frieden // Live 2016

The original artist Nicole sings Ein bisschen frieden / A Little Peace mixed with German and English lyrics live in 2016.

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