Third runner up in The LGBTQ Music Vote 2017 are….

Top five in The LGBTQ Music Vote 2017 received about amazingly 91 % of all the votes this year.

The LGBTQ Music Vote 2017 - Number 4

As always in The LGBTQ Music Vote, we can see again – it’s not enough that the artists has lot of following or fans – the artists needs to engage their fans, so their fans will go an cast their vote on the nominated song.

Third runner up …

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The forth place taker of The LGBTQ Music Vote 2017 is Eli Lieb with his Hollywood. He took 8 % of the votes.

Hollywood, are heartfelt and a personal song that you just lay back and enjoy to the fullest – each and every second of the song. You can take a listen below.

Eli Lieb is an independent American pop singer-songwriter from Fairfield, Iowa in the U.S. Eli have given us hits like Young Love, Safe In My Hands, Pulse, and many others great hits!

Congratulation Eli, you kicked 11 other nominees to the curve and claimed the forth place. I will certainly be listening in to your music in 2018. Looking forward to it !

Eli Lieb // Hollywood

The LGBTQ Music Vote 2017 // Result

(The result will only show after the winner has been revealed)