Queen Margrethe Of Denmark praised by the Danish LGBTQ community

Her Majesty Queen Margrethe spoke the tradition of faith to the Danish people on Danmarks Radio TV (DR), New Year's Eve, and this year she said a sentence that has been alerted and cheered in the Danish LGBTQ community.

Queen Margrethe Of Denmark

The Queen always addresses several topics, but one topic and one particular phrase has been taken to the heart by many in the LGBTQ community this year, one of Denmarks biggest LGBTQ news provider, oaonline.dk reports.

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“Perhaps we sometimes forget to ask ourselves what is most important in life,” the Queen Margrethe began and continued:

In everyday life, many of the waking hours of work and duties go hand in hand. But what does the most mean to us all-in-all ? That is the people who stand close to us. And for the most part, it’s our family.

A family is not necessarily the same today as a generation ago.

And here comes the one sentence that went straight to the heart of many LGBTQ people in Denmark:

I think it has come to our attention that not all families are father and mother and children. Today there is greater variation, but also greater freedom and tolerance.

Photo By Bill Ebbesen (Transferred from en.wikipedia) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons