Spain : Drag queen participates in Three Kings Parade amidst backlash

Madrid's decision to allow a drag queen to play one of the kings in the traditional Three Kings Parade angered many conservatives.


Many conservatives were not happy with a neighbourhood’s decision to hire a drag queen for the role of one of “Three Wise Men” in the January 5th Epiphany parade, EuroNews reports.

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According to EuroNews, a group in Vallecas, a district in southern Madrid, took the bold step of choosing drag queen ‘La Prohibida’ (The Forbidden) to play one of the kings in the annual parade.

Actress Roma Calderon and female hip-hop artist Dnoe Lamis were chosen to play the other two kings.

The all-female float was proposed by the local LGBTQ organisation Orgullo Vallekano and approved Madrid’s left-wing mayor’s office.

But not everyone was happy with the decision. Conservative politicians from the People’s Party (PP) and Ciudadanos threatened to take legal action. comments :

Conservative in Spain has a big problem, if they in their right mind need to go to legal actions because a drag queen participates in Three Kings Parade. They should instead focusing on their job, instead of practising homophobia in the Spanish legal system.

We are Cheering on La Prohibida !