Man Meadow «Play It Loud» This Spring

Long time no see – Man Meadow is back with a new single. Play it loud is written by Chris Meyer, Andreas Öberg and Oskar Persson credited with millions of sold albums and singles, currently topping the charts in Japan and Korea.

Man Meadow
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The group are made of these two hunks : Niklas Vestberg and Fredrik Olofsson that comes from Stockholm, Sweden.

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Man Meadow had their break through in the Polish pre-selection to Eurovision Song Contest in 2008 when they came in 3rd place with the song Viva la musica. The song was written by the renowned ESC composer Thomas G:son (Winner 2012 Loreen – «Euphoria») and the following year he gave Man Meadow their second ESC hit «Love is gonna get you», which also competed in Poland. The single «Eaten» alive was released in 2011 followed by «Overflow» 2012. Both singles became two of the most played songs on the Swedish dance floors and picked up on radio stations across the world.

Take a listen to Man Meadow’s new smell like a hit song below.

Man Meadow // «Play It Loud»

Man Meadow’s «Play It Loud» has been added to our official Spotify Playlist – follow it so you are not missing out on great tunes like this one.

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